AltoNovus at Stonehenge - Oct / Nov 2018                      

In October and November 2018, AltoNovus Ltd, working with Rapid Washrooms Ltd, deployed a number of People Counting Devices around English Heritage’s Stonehenge site, focused on the Visitor Centre.  The aim of the Trials was to learn more about the relative usage of visitor facilities at the site.

Stonehenge is a world-renowned Neolithic monument, with over 1.5 million visitors annually.  With a history dating back 8.5 thousand years, this iconic site is managed on behalf of the nation by the English Heritage Trust (Stonehenge). With visitor numbers forecast to rise year-on-year, the management team are acutely focused on continual improvement of the visitor experience. This means world-class events, exhibitions and effective management of access to the breath-taking principal attraction, the five millennia-old Stone Circle itself.

Over the course of the Trials, data was gathered on footfall across the Visitor Centre’s washrooms and Exhibition Centre, as well as use of the site more widely. Over 125 thousand separate people movements were tracked, producing some useful Management Information and new insights into visitor use of the amenities. Adam Dickins, Facilities Manager at Stonehenge, said: 

“Good stewardship of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is our principal responsibility.  We always try to learn more about how visitors use our facilities.  This way, we can optimise the site for the ever-greater numbers we are delighted to host.”   Adam then added:

“Understanding how people interact with the site is crucial to our role.  We worked with Rapid Washrooms to begin this process, and they recommended AltoNovus’ devices to begin to build a broader picture of footfall across the site.  Having agreed the parameters of the Trials, AltoNovus and Rapid Washrooms worked together to deliver a programme of data gathering.  Live data was available throughout the Trials, enabling the team to keep a constant eye on footfall trends.  After analysis, we gained several really interesting insights.  The Trials also allowed us to quantify some trends that we already suspected.  We’re now considering our long-term site monitoring requirements.”

Edward Lymn of,Rapid Washrooms Ltd, said;I was already working with English Heritage Trust (Stonehenge) to optimise the washroom experience for visitors to this iconic site.  When they asked me about wider people counting technology, I immediately thought of AltoNovus and their innovative devices.  I’d worked with them on previous Trials and having quickly reached agreement on the scope of the project, these Trials began in early October 2018.  I’m pleased to say that they were a huge success and have given the Stonehenge Team some useful food for thought.”

In response, MD AltoNovus, Geoff Dean, commented;

We were delighted to get the call from Edward at Rapid Washrooms and to work with him again, this time at Stonehenge.  Having established the goals of the Trials, we deployed our devices and began remote collection of the data.  Over the 4-week core Trials period, AltoNovus monitored the information daily, with interesting weekly trends emerging.  As a Company, AltoNovus learned some useful lessons about monitoring very high and sustained volumes of footfall, and we’re pleased that the analysis that we presented to the Stonehenge Team was insightful.  At the feedback session, our English Heritage Clients were able to map many of the apparent data outliers to planned site events that we were unaware of.”

New Tech meets the Neolithic...

AltoNovus' S50 People Counter deployed to monitor Washroom usage...

...and visitor numbers to the Exhibition Space

        AltoNovus at Farnborough Airshow with Digital Catapult - July 2018         

We had a productive time with the Digital Catapult team at the Farnborough International Airshow this year.  We were selected to showcase our LPWAN-enabled Management Information systems, and we deployed a range of devices to gather key information to support the Farnborough Venue Facilities Management Team. 

Our Trials deployment covered the entire duration of the Airshow; both the trade and public days. We monitored footfall at key venue facilities, as well as the environmental conditions in the main Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Having worked with AltoNovus before, during and after the Airshow, Dave Smith, Head of Venue Facilities at Farnborough International Limited (FIL), said; 

“As part of our work together at the Farnborough International Airshow, Digital Catapult introduced FIL to AltoNovus Ltd.  This enabled a successful collaboration, with AltoNovus trialling LPWAN-based systems during the Airshow.  A range of AltoNovus temperature, humidity and people counting sensors were installed in our new Exhibition and Conference Centre.  These bespoke data gathering devices provided invaluable data to assist FIL with maintenance planning, labour scheduling and financial forecasting.  We are now exploring a possible contract for the permanent deployment of AltoNovus devices at Farnborough, as a result of the Digital Catapult introduction and the successful AltoNovus/FIL trials collaboration that followed.”

So, a big Thank You to the teams at Digital Catapult and Farnborough International Limited.  We made some great contacts and we look forward to future collaborations!

AltoNovus' People Counters provide data on flow rates, as well as cumulative counts.  Additionally, lots of other metrics can be derived from our sensors, such as daily averages and periods of peak foot traffic.

Read the full story at the Digital Catapult website here!

Visitors to the Digital Catapult stand were able to see data, as it was generated...

AltoNovus' E40 High Resolution Temperature and Humidity Sensor; 8 were deployed in the Exhibition and Conference Centre...

AltoNovus' S50 People Counter; 4 were deployed to monitor footfall at key locations in the Exhibition and Conference Centre...