Low Power - High Performance

We monitor what you value. AltoNovus uses rapidly deployable, cost effective, long lasting sensors, and emerging radio networks, which enable long range data transmission, using very little power. Installed without mess or wiring, and just minimal maintenance, AltoNovus brings proven sensor technology to bear quickly and proficiently. Together, these propel actionable Management Information to the fore that can deliver efficiencies and savings, also allowing the introduction of data gathering networks to new locations and to novel applications.

In a Business to Business environment, AltoNovus delivers actionable Management Information from SENSORS, over a NETWORK, so that you make informed decisions.

What we do includes:

Low Power Sensors (design, build and certify).

End to End Solutions (commission, manage and maintain sensors, networks, cloud and customer interfaces).

Design Services & Partnering (hardware, software, prototyping and small batch manufacturing).