People Counting with the Alto-S50

Information about how people access and use your facilities is fundamental to your ability to make effective decisions about maintenance and investment.  From assessing relative facilities usage to allow the more precise targeting of maintenance teams, to monitoring visitor numbers to assess the impact of specific events or initiatives, good data can help underpin good decisions.

Developed from the Alto-S30, the S50 employs a proximity sensor, which monitors the numbers and direction of travel of passers by.  Having an effective range of 1.5M, it is ideally suited for placement in corridors, aisles, at gates and in entrances to larger spaces.  The S50 provides a cost-effective People Counting solution which avoids the privacy issues which may occur with camera-based systems.

The S50 shares the advantages of the AltoNovus product family; ease of installation and redeployment, battery operation, long duration and minimal maintenance requirement.  

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Event and Venue Monitoring

Carefully placed S50 People Counters can monitor the movement of people at key entry and exit points, providing information such as peak flow rates and times.  Events organizers can assess the impact of specific program elements and use the information as one indication of transit volumes on specific routes.  

Applicable to public spaces, indoor private venues and public buildings, understand more about how clients interact with your events and spaces.

Facilities Management

The S50 People Counter can be deployed to indicate the relative levels of usage of separate building entry points, facilities and access routes, allowing the more effective, efficient and targeted deployment of scarce maintenance staff.  Deployed within a single building, or across multiple sites, the devices can also provide useful Management Information about absolute loading levels across facilities, enabling decisions about opening hours and selective closures.


Use our devices to count and monitor visitor flows within retail destinations and to individual outlets.  Improved footfall information can inform decisions about leases and rents.


Like the Alto S30, the S50 People Counter is a compact, all-weather device, It reports to your schedule, but also to User defined events and is designed for exceptional endurance. It is configurable by USB interface and features:

  • Calculated average transit rates per hour.
  • Averaging of Left and Right Count.
  • Timed 'Keep Alive' signal.
  • GPS if required.
  • Proximity Sensor for people counting and directional readings.
  • Battery life to enable annual maintenance and low battery warning.
  • Configurable scheduled readings.
  • Anti-tamper movement detection.
  • A Form factor (approx 176mm x 44mm x 27mm).
  • LoRa or SIGFOX enabled.
  • Up to 15Km range (environment dependent).
  • Weight 150g.
  • Extended (-20/+60C) temperature range.
  • An IP67 rated enclosure.

Custom Housings

These products can be made available in custom housings, to suit user requirements.

Please contact us if you require more details.

* Features can be subject to change