AltoNovus specialises in designing and building Low Power devices.  We all want the most efficient design, to get the best possible device life, so we need to measure power consumption with great accuracy - even at very low levels.  Existing solutions range from very expensive ammeters (thousands of pounds) to cheaper devices that have manual and/or more limited ranges.

So we built our own.

The AltoNovus NanoRanger is an accurate, 3.5 Digit, affordable DC ammeter to measure very low currents, Auto-Ranging with 9 ranges across 8.5 decades.  It is able to measure from 800mA to 1nA, whilst offering a maximum resolution of 10pA.  Because each NanoRanger is factory computer calibrated, there is no need for expensive precision components, so keeping the price low.  Download a Product Sheet for the NanoRanger.

Suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike, we intend to bring NanoRanger to market in November 2019.  If you're interested, register your details via the button below, and you'll receive a £10 discount on RRP when the device launches (this will also apply to those who have already said they'd like one).  

But if you're not yet sure, and would like some more information, please get in touch via the next button down.


  • A 128 x 64 LCD display gives a wealth of information about your current readings.
  • A large 11-digit display shows mA, uA, nA and pA, all on one line.
  • The Range Bar can be ‘bracketed’ or limited to just one range.
  • Range Bar movement after every reading shows that NanoRanger is operating.
  • Range Coverage Bar shows the ranges covered during the measurement. 
  • Low Burden Voltage (<0.05V) on all ranges.
  • Fast Up-Range switching (30uS / range) under load changes.
  • Down-range switching when full reading is below range threshold.
  • Readings every 300mS, sampling every 170uS and averaged over 200mS to tune out mains noise (both 50 Hz and 60 Hz).
  • SNR display indicates noise level on signal.
  • Averaging mode (current, time, and total charge) to measure power consumption of  specific events; for example, a radio transmission.
  • User-configurable Auto Power-off timer.
  • The NanoRanger dimensions are 148 x 90 x 30mm. 
  • 2 x AA batteries give over 100 hours operation.

Coming soon, a NanoRanger pre-production model.

Earlier NanoRanger prototypes.

* Features can be subject to change