Fire and Flood

The low cost and endurance of AltoNovus sensors make them suitable for prophylactic deployment. The sensors report temperature or water levels at intervals you specify, or by exception, when parameters you set are breached.  This can form a valuable part of the cueing system for a broader response to environmental events. 

Waste Management

Reporting both location and fill level of a variety of waste receptacles, the installation of AltoNovus sensors has the potential to enhance the efficiency with which your waste collection assets are deployed. 

Power Supply

AltoNovus sensor technologies can warn of power interruptions (status) to electrical systems, such as lighting, or isolated installations, cueing repair, maintenance or management intervention. 

Supply Chain Integrity

AltoNovus devices can be configured to report regularly, in response to specified events, or to store readings until downloaded. If your consignment has hard environmental parameters, temperature or humidity for example, AltoNovus devices have the potential to help. 


The Alto E30/E40 is a compact device, for the remote monitoring of environmental conditions.  With built-in anti-tamper features, it harnesses high resolution temperature and humidity sensors.  The E30/E40 reports to your schedule, but also to User defined events and is designed for exceptional endurance.  Download a Product Sheet here.

  • Available with / without GPS.
  • Different LPWAN network interface types.
  • Customisable sensor configuration with connection to LPWAN network.
  • Low cost network connection.
  • 10+ years battery life (reporting schedule dependent), 2 x AALithium Batteries.
  • 600nA power consumption at idle.
  • Configurable scheduled sensor readings.
  • Configurable alarm conditions and thresholds.
  • High accuracy, calibrated temperature monitor.
  • Humidity monitor.
  • PIR sensor.
  • Low battery life indication.
  • A low cost, industrial grade sensor.
  • Form factor (approx 176mm x 44mm x 27mm).
  • LoRa or SIGFOX enabled.
  • Up to 15Km range (environment dependent).
  • Weight 150g.
  • Extended (-20/+60C) temperature range.
  • IP67 rated enclosure.
  • PIR Operating currents from 3uA.
  • Configurable via USB interface.

Custom Housings

These products can be made available in custom housings, to suit user requirements.

Please contact us if you require more details.

* Features can be subject to change