As well as providing sensors, we understand that the data they provide must be delivered.  AltoNovus provides End-to-End systems, from building the sensor, to commissioning the network, to delivering the data from the Cloud, to you. Commercial network coverage is well established in some areas and increasing in reach.  This may meet all of your needs, but if not, AltoNovus can build and maintain a bespoke network to complement existing coverage.


Although AltoNovus cores can operate independently, they are normally connected to a bearer type that transfers data to the outside world. AltoNovus specialise in LPWAN (Low Power, Wide Area Network) technologies due to their low power capabilities. Below is a selection of the bearer types we have solutions for, or are actively working on.


The key features are:

  • Long communication range (typically 2km - 20km, though greater is achievable with line of sight).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Low bit-rate (to which range tends to be inversely proportional).
  • Low network charges.
  • Deep in-building penetration.
  • Suited for battery powered device operation.

Together, these features make LPWAN ideal for remote sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IOT), or to customers' own private networks.

AltoNovus products are designed to work with various LPWAN technologies. We focus on technologies that enable the interchangeability of end nodes and back-end services.



  • 12 byte packet load up to 140 times a day.
  • 8 byte receive packet load up to 4 times a day (used for uploading configuration to our devices).
  • Global network, expanding all the time.
  • Range 2km - 20km (AltoNovus has successfully tested sigfox devices at > 30km range in line of sight).

LoRa ® / LoRaWAN

  • Variable packet load.
  • Variable receive packet load for configuration and OTA (Over The Air) programming.
  • Public and private networks.


  • Weightless-N, Weightless-P
  • Variable packet load
  • Variable receive packet load for configuration and OTA (Over The Air) programming.
  • Public and private networks.
  • Global open standard

More details can be found on the website here:



  • Currently being addressed by the 3GPP standards body.
  • AltoNovus is currently awaiting sample radio modules for this.

Other Wireless

Bluetooth ®

  • Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).
  • Range up to 100m.

* - LoRa ®, SIGFOX™, WEIGHTLESS™ and Bluetooth ® are the trademarks of their respective owners. The technical specifications quoted reflect those published by these companies. No relationship with LoRa ® or SIGFOX™ or Bluetooth ® is implied.