Use Case 1 - Urban Applications:

‘My Town’ has a number of high value, but temporarily empty properties. With no mains power requirement, owners use AltoNovus sensors to constantly monitor these buildings against unauthorised access, alarming immediately should the sensors detect it. Similar devices monitor the wellbeing of those in sheltered housing, providing a detailed daily profile of temperature, humidity and confirmation that there has been activity within the home. The level of monitoring is scalable according the individual needs of the occupant, whilst respecting privacy.

Outside, transport authorities are using AltoNovus sensor technologies to build a detailed picture of bicycle use across the town, allowing better decisions on future cycle route development and provision of other transport facilities. The same sensors also give accurately timed and measured details of any collision, helping to enhance rider safety.

Use Case 2 - Rural Applications:

‘My Farm’ uses our LPWAN and sensor technologies to track the location of key assets, triggering an alarm should they be removed from the vicinity. The same technologies give an accurate picture of access to the farm and confirmation that gates have been properly secured. AltoNovus sensors also indicate when disused or vacant farm buildings and spaces are accessed, allowing better safety checks to be made.

Use Case 3 - Coastal Applications:

In ‘My Port’, the harbour authorities use AltoNovus technologies to ensure that navigational buoys and lights are operating and to forecast maintenance needs. The availability of life belts is also monitored with anti-tamper sensors, informing the pattern of regular checks by port employees. The utilisation level of moorings is recorded, allowing accurate billing and providing useful information to the wider maritime community. The same network is used by absent boat owners, who use our devices to remotely monitor boat status and warn of possible water ingress, while their craft is moored alongside.